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Yoruba beaded bracelets

Ifa Diviner’s Necklace (Odigba Ifa) 19th - 20 th century Yoruba Nigeria


The fact that PolicyMic picked up that NatGeo race story and every goddamn body is a year late to the Internet and just now getting around to seeing it, without bothering with the context of NatGeo is driving me fucking bananas.

#1 no one has read the article and no one seems to realize that a…

 ”I am about to be boss level done with people romanticizing being mixed race as somehow better, more interesting, and/or more beautiful”



NEW MUSIC: BOOTS - Dreams (ft. Beyoncé) 


"May I present the second of my two nieces, Miss Dido Lindsay."

I can’t wait


never forget that time chris evans hit on some racially ambiguous girl in f21 thotwear in a parking garage while wearing a windbreaker and baggy jeans from the marc ecko collection circa 2007

I regret this.

Its part of a set!
last one i SWEAR